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Zhejiang Xinyu Construction Group Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Xinyu Construction Group Co., Ltd. is a diversified, all-round and comprehensive group company led by construction. Zhejiang Xinyu Construction Group (formerly known as Ningbo Beilun construction and installation industry Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1987 and transformed into a group in June 2010. The group is a first-class construction enterprise with general contracting qualification for housing construction established according to the modern enterprise system. At the same time, it is composed of subsidiaries and several branches, such as level II of electromechanical equipment installation engineering, level II of Building Decoration Engineering, level II of steel structure manufacturing and installation engineering, level III of professional contracting of foundation and foundation engineering, and level III of municipal public works. With a registered capital of 175.28 million yuan, it is a key outstanding backbone enterprise in Beilun District of Ningbo and even in Zhejiang construction industry.

Zhejiang Xinyu construction group is an enterprise with flexible mechanism, large scale and strong competitiveness. The enterprise has successfully passed ISO9001, QMS, EMS and OHSMS (quality, environment and occupational health and safety) integrated management system certification.

The total annual construction output value of the group's construction industry reaches 2 billion yuan, with a construction area of more than 700000 square meters. It has undertaken a large number of large, medium and small construction projects, including Beilun West portal area 2#, 3#, 4# plots, Changjiang international business center, Lvjian, agriculture, industry and commerce, Binhai government, Xiaogang sub district office building, Beilun fire brigade building Beilun maritime police detachment 2 office building, Huzhou Cathay Pacific Hotel, downtown central kindergarten of Xiaogang street, Chaiqiao primary school, Xinqi primary school, Xiapu Christian Church, Hongxiang Jinyuan, Jingtai apartment, Beilun commercial street, Gangdu Mingzhai, Dongcheng Huayuan, Wanhua Jingyuan, Ningbo Taishan Road 8# plot, Huadu commercial street, Xinding International Apartment, Jindu community Civil and public buildings such as the workshop of Kaibo pneumatic tools Co., Ltd., the workshop of Tianyu welding and cutting equipment Co., Ltd., the workshop of Beth virtue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., the workshop of Litai garment company, Geely 3# workshop, Southeast logistics warehouse yard, kevel tool workshop, etc.

Among the projects undertaken by the group, the qualified rate of project delivery inspection is 100%, the excellent product rate is 81.5%, and the satisfaction rate is 99.8%, which is highly praised by users.

Zhejiang Xinyu Construction Group has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "honesty, trustworthiness, development and innovation" and the quality policy of "careful construction, quality first, sincere service and customer first". The management level, market reputation and excellence creation ability of the enterprise are continuously improved. At the same time, it depends on the indomitable and tenacious professionalism. In recent years, it has successively won the honorary titles of integrity enterprise in Zhejiang Province, contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Zhejiang Province, winner of Ankang cup competition in Zhejiang Province, civilized unit in Beilun District, winner of comprehensive evaluation of Beilun District Construction Bureau, top 100 tax paying enterprises in Beilun District, etc.


Enterprise concept

"Integrity, pragmatism, innovation and enterprising"

Honest and trustworthy, efficient and pragmatic, realistic and innovative, pioneering and enterprising.


"Focusing on performance ability and building peace of mind"

The company takes the quality, cost, safety, construction period and other core indicators of engineering construction projects as management elements, which is highly recognized by all sectors of society and users.


"Continuous improvement, steady development, self-discipline improvement and building a centennial project"

Abandon the extensive management concept that the traditional construction industry obtains projects by competing prices, effectively balance the relationship between quality and cost on the premise of ensuring quality, continuously improve, develop steadily and improve self-discipline.


"Faith-based, Yutong Sifang"

Honest management, consistent words and deeds, bearing responsibility and reputation first are the cornerstone of the continuous development and growth of the enterprise.


The total construction output value of the company has increased by about 12% every year in recent three years. In 2019, there were 85 enterprises with first-class construction general contracting qualification in Ningbo. The construction output value of the company currently ranks 40th and the industry tax payment of the city ranks 9th.
The company has passed the quality, environment and occupational health and safety certification. It is a leading enterprise in the construction industry in Beilun District and the president of Beilun Construction Industry Association.
At present, the company has 1263 employees, including more than 67% with college education and more than 14% with technicians.













Technical strength

Comprehensive technical support

The company has a number of patents and construction methods, such as formwork erection mechanism of large-area fair faced concrete wall and super long concrete wall structure, and has carried out school enterprise cooperation with many schools to jointly discuss topics in the construction field, such as Ningbo University, Zhejiang University of technology, Ningbo Institute of science and technology, Ningbo Vocational and technical college, Sichuan Xihua University and Ningbo City College.


Professional construction team

The company has 4548 fixed employees. There are 500 engineering and technical personnel with professional titles, including 40 with senior professional titles, 2355 with certificates, 56 qualified project managers, including 20 first-class constructors.
The company has a fixed construction team and has achieved excellent results in various skill competitions.

Complete mechanical equipment

The company has screw pile driver, diesel hammer pile driver, positive and negative circulation drilling rig, gravel pile driver, rotary drilling rig, vibrating pipe sinking pile driver, as well as various types of tower cranes and construction elevators, which can adapt to the construction of various scales.
The company has more than 12 million meters of steel pipes, more than 11 million fasteners, a warehouse (covering an area of 10 mu), 10 trucks, 10 trolleys and 6 forklifts.

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